// X-Ray Guns //

At first glance, firearms can be seen as complicated objects, but who thinks like that understates the simplicity and well put functionality of them. Knowing the anatomy of a gun makes it understandable and less terrifying.
   Every part/component has its exact place and function, which helps in the perfect operation and completes the process of the shot.
   I have been taking part is IPSC (International Practical Shooting Competition) matches for more then one and a half year, and I still get the chills when taking a gun in my hand. I handle them with care and a sort of fear, although I know the safety rules well enough. A firearms it’s not dangerous in itself.
   In my project I make visible the inside out of these objects, which bear on themselves the proof of human ingenuity and functional creativity.

acrylic image transfer on FABRIANO 640 g. paper 56x76 cm.