Gun Works 2014- The function and the fields of use of GUNS are well known for centuries. They are usually considered as tools of violence, and are also one of the most “money making” things on Earth.    Guns are used and developed for centuries to help man kind kill his enemies, defend himself or conquer. We can say a lots of things about them but we cannot deny for certain, that beside all of the “hideous” they carried, they have a certain beauty and great craftsmanship in themselves.    In the XX’th century – especially after WWII. – lots of known and less known artists used firearms and all sorts of guns to make art with and about them. This project aims to make a wider and deeper research in the artistic possibilities of firearms. I will use “weapons” to make pictures with them, about them and with the help of them. These series of images will not always have a direct or recognizable reference to weaponry, in some of them they are just used as a tool of making and creating art