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Károly Sándor Áron
Is an artist who is constantly analysing himself, his actions and his attitude towards the world and art, in order to improve. This is why his work can seem to be a bit chaotic, regarding themes and techniques raised. He is a constant experimenter combining a wide range of photographic and art techniques, sizes and materials, from pixels and silver to canvas and paint.
Despite his more than fifteen years in the profession, he still considers himself a learner.

In my photographic work I’m specially interested in combining the traditional and archaic image making methods with the wide range of possibilities given by digital imaging. This technical experimentation is also reflected in various themes on theoretical level, as my interest is and always had been towards different space-time dimensions, as well as personal experiences/feelings. I am not interested in "fashionable photographic themes" like documenting personal life, pointing out social and environmental issues. I express myself trough my native language – photography – but everything else is a constant search for the ego, the roots of my feelings, thoughts and actions. This way my artistic work is almost every time filled with mixed media and the combined techniques are chosen to serve the concept of the images. Naturally from time to time this rigorous and sometimes over complicated thinking is infiltrated with intuition and the undefined. 

- Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, Hungary DLA studies 2002-2005, Doctorate 2009
- University of Art and Design, Photo-Video Digitized Image Processing Department, Cluj-Napoca, Romania 1997-2002
Group exhibitions:

- Retracings- The use of Achives in Contemporary Photography, Komárom Fortress Klapka Room, Komárom, Hungary, August 22’nd 2014.
- Esztergom Photography Biennale, Esztergom, Hungary, August 29’th 2014
- MEGA-PIXEL 2014, Virtual Dimensions, MANK Gallery, Szentendre, Hungary July 2’nd 2014

- 6x6x2014, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, USA (June 7’th 2014)
- RCA Secret 2014, Royal College of Art Battersea, Dyson Building, London, U.K. (13'th March 2014)
- „Fire, Water, Earth”, International Mail Art on Paper, La Chateou de Tronjoly, Gourin, Franciaország (22'nd February 2014)
- “Capa Project - Contemporary Projected Images”, Capa Centre, Budapest, Hungary (2’nd December 2013)
- “Várva várt”, ANKER house, Kaposvár, Hungary (11’th october 2013)
- „My City” IV’th International Festival of Sister City Arts, Tver, Russia (27-30’th June 2013)
- 6x6x2013, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, USA (June 1’st 2013)
- RCA Secret 2013, Dyson Gallery - Royal College of Art, London, UK (March 14’th 2013)
- Kapos Art, City Gallery Érd, Érd, Hungary (30’th November 2012)
- Tradition and Creativity – exhibition from the material of the Petörke Graphic Symposium, University of Kaposvár K.B. Gallery, (November 12’th 2012)
- „FAUST II. Fiction and Reality in contemporary photography” 2012 Month of Photography curated by Gabriella, Uhl, Budapest Gallery, (25’th october-2’nd december 2012)
- “Seeing Oneself”, ICHO-AN Gallery, Osaka, Japan (September 7-13th 2012)
- “Grotesque 8 Selection”, Pécs Gallery, Pécs (August 3’rd 2012)
- “Seeing Oneself”, 1ére Biennale Internationale Casablanca, Casablanca, Morocco (June 15-30’th 2012)
- “Grotesque 8”, AGÓRA, Kaposvár, Hungary (May 24’th 2012)
- “RANDOM 2012”, Mai Manó House, Budapest, Hungary (May 10th 2012)
- “Snowball” an Art Smart Mob Mail Art Project by Yasemin Yilmaz, Hannover Kunsthalle, Germany (March 18th 2012)
- International Camp of Arts Barcs 2011, County Hall Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary (December 7th 2011)
- Cosas de Mujeres/Womans Issues, International Mail Art, Barcelona, Spain
- RCA Secret 2011, Royal College of Art, London, UK (November 18th 2011.)
- Kapos Art Group Exhibition (with: Zsüliett Lengyel, András Vörös, Klára Halmos, Kinga Holló Cs., László Pala Papp), BAS Gallery, Bath, England (September 9th 2011)
- Kapos Art Exhibition, Museum of Oradea-Baroque Palace (Muzeul Tarii Crisurilor), Oradea, Romania (August 11th 2011)
- Kapos Art in Cluj, National Museum (Bánffy Palace) Cluj-Napoca, Romania (June 22th 2011)
- Rippl-Rónai and the Woman, Corso Shopping Center VIP Hall, Kaposvár, Hungary (May 27th 2011)
- Hommage to Rippl-Rónai, Rippl-Rónai Museum, Kaposvár, Hungary (May 25th 2011)
- Water-Symbol-Image, Pécs Gallery and Visual Workshop, Pécs, Hungary (March 12th 2011)
- Floodplain. Selection from the International Art Camp Barcs archive, Médium Gallery, Szombathely, Hungary (February 16th 2011)
- Charity Auction for the Hungarian Museum of Photography 2010, Ludwig Muzeum, Budapest, Hungary (December 8’th 2010)
- RCA Secret 2010 (Royal College of Art), Gulbenkian Galleries, London, UK (November 20’th 2010)
- „20 Years of Kapos Art”, K.B. Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary (September 11’th 2010) opened by: György Szemadám painter, art critic
- „Matrices 2010” International Exhibition of Small Electrographies, Karinthy Szalon, Budapest, Hungary (August 24’th 2010)
- „Reflections/Refractions” VIII. International Light Symposium (organized by the International Kepes Society), House of Arts, Pécs, Hungary (July 28’th 2010)
- Seeing Oneself, K.B. Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary (May 28’th 2010)
- „Waterfall” outdoor installation exhibition, City of Painters Festival, Kaposvár, Hungary, opened by Bálint Szombathy artist, arts writer (May 27’th 2010)
- „JA 32- Light and Dark” Hungarian Electrography Society, Budapest, Hungary (April 8’th 2010)
- Seeing Oneself, Hungarian Museum of Photography, Kecskemét, Hungary (January 8’th 2010)
- RCA Secret 2009, (Royal College of Art) London, UK (November 13’th 2009)
- Artists in the Higher Education, Vaszary Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary (November 9’th 2009)
- Tradition and Receptivness-Current Developments in Hungarian Photography, Tampere, Finland (November 7’th 2009)
- Waterfall, International Camp of Arts Barcs, K.B. Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary (September 16’th 2009)
- Tradition and Receptivness-Current Developments in Hungarian Photography, Tallin, Estonia
- Kapos Art and the Bath Society of Artists, K.B. Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary (July 23’rd 2009)
- Post Media, K.B. Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary (May 22’th 2009)
- Impossible Pictures, Nagyvárad (Oradea), Romania (May 20’th 2009)
- Grotesque 7, Vaszary Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary (March 28’th 2009)
- Impossible Pictures, Csepel Gallery and House of Arts, Budapest, Hungary (March 5’th 2009)
- We are Here! Selection from the works of artists from 3 counties and 3 towns, Vaszary Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary (March 2’nd 2009)
- We are here!, Pécs Gallery, Pécs, Hungary (December 12’th 2008)
- RCA Secret 2008 (Royal College of Art), London, UK, (November 14’th 2008)
- New Generation, Rippl-Rónai Museum, Kaposvár, Hungary (October 17’th 2008)
- Presence, Downtown Gallery, Debrecen, Hungary (July 4’th 2008)
- Pictures from the archive of the Hungarian Electrography Society, Újbuda Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (July 1’st 2008)
- KONTAKT 16. Photography Biennial of Esztergom, Castle Museum Rondella Gallery (May 30’th 2008)
- Kapos Art „Presence”, County Hall Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary (February 4’th 2008)
- Digitart, Csokonai Gallery, University of Kaposvár, Kaposvár, Hungary (November 19’th 2007)
- RCA Secret 2007 (Royal College of Art), London, UK
- Scarecrows of Contemporary Artists, Village Museum, Szenna, Hungary (September 22’nd 2007)
- MATRICES 4, Exhibition of Small Electrographies, Duna Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (June 27’th 2007)
- Moholy-Nagy László, Electrography Exhibition, Europa Park, Kaposvár, Hungary, (May 24’th 2007)
- Hommage á Ungvári-New Hungarian Avantgarde, Vaszary Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary, (March 19’th 2007)
- RCA Secret 2006 (Royal College of Art), London, UK
- International Camp of Arts Barcs, County Hall Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary (September 4’th 2006)
- II’nd National Electrography Symposium and Exhibition, Vigadó Gallery, Szigetvár, Hungary (September 9’th 2006)
- PIXEL I’th National Exhibition of Digital Prints, VAM Design Center, Budapest, Hungary (August 3’rd 2006)
- SoBaBu Visual Arts Association, Town Gallery, Kalocsa, Hungary
- Kapos Art, Saint Sebastian sur Loire, Hotel de Ville, France
- Kapos Art, Nantes, France
- Ripl Rónai Electrography Paraphrases, Town of Painters Festival, Kaposvár, Hungary
- „Selection from the archive of Camp Of arts Barcs”, House of Arts, Szekszárd, Hungary
- „reGENERATION”, SMK – Kapos Art Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary
- „csakazértisművészet”, Pécs Gallery, Pécs, Hungary
- „VI’th National Grotesque Arts and Design Competition, Vaszary Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary
- Report Exhibition of COMMUNITAS Scholarship, Bernády House, Marosvásárhely (Tȃrgul Mureș), Romania
- „Ágens Light Painter Society” introductory exhibition, Budapest, Hungary
- „In memoriam József Attila”, Contemporary Gallery, Tatabánya, Hungary
- Below Size II., Várfok Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
- 32 JA a „LIGHT” AND „DARK” József Attila, Budapest, Hungary
- Hungarian Grotesque, Veszprém, Hungary
- Matrices 2004 Small Electrographies 3’rd International Exhibition, Budapest, Hungary
- XIV’th Photographic Biennal of Esztergom „Nude-Art”, Duna Museum, Esztergom, Hungary
- „Essentia” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Art Museum, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Romania
- „Essentia” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Vaszary Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary
- „Middle East European Post Card V, International Mail Art, Vaszary Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary
- „IV’th National Color Print Exhibition/ Silkscreen”,  Szekszárd, Hungary
- Finissage of the International Art Camp Barcs - SMK Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary
- „MATRICES 2002 Small Electrographies”, Budapest, Hungary
- “Diploma”, Expo Transilvania, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Romania
- „XXI’st National and International Graphics Biennal Miskolc”, Miskolc, Hungary
- „X’th Matias Rex Days”- Mátyás House,  Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Romania
- „International Art Camp Barcs”- Gallery IX , Budapest, Hungary
- „The I’st Photographic Biennal Carol Pop de Szathmáry”- National Art Museum, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Romania
- Graphic and Applied Arts Winter Salon- U.A.P. Gallery, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Romania
- „The Castle”- Bánffy Castle, Boncida, Romania
- Kapos Art exhibition, Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire, France
- Finissage of the International Art Camp Barcs - SMK Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary
- „The Four Elements” International Art Camps in Somogy County- Vaszary Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary
- „U.A.D. Days”- Matias Rex House, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Romania
- „Middle East European International Mail Art”, Kaposvár, Hungary 
- „The Jubilee Exhibition of International Art Camp Barcs”- SMK Kapos Art Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary
- Finissage Exhibition of the Art Camp Lăzarea, Gyergyószárhegy (Lăzarea), Romania
- Graphic Exhibition, Szombathely, Hungary
- „Barcs 3 Group”- Csokonai Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary
- „Estations”, Huelva, Spain
- „Little Prince”- Fine Art Gallery, Szatmár (Satu Mare), Romania
- „Universit Art”, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Romania
- Finnisage Exhibition of the Art Camp Ghindari, Makfalva (Ghindari), Romania
- Finissage of the International Art Camp Barcs - SMK Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary
- „Countdown”- K.L. Gallery, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Romania
- „Lautremonde”- K.L. Gallery, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Romania
- „Kapos Art Fine- and Applied Arts Association, Grotesque”- Szoboszló Gallery, Szoboszló, Hungary
- „IV’th National Grotesque Fine- and Applied Art, Photo Contest” – Újpest Gallery- Budapest; MMIK Médium Gallery- Szombathely; Győr;  Vaszary Gallery - Kaposvár, Hungary
- Finnisage Exhibition of the Art Camp Ghindari, Makfalva (Ghindari), Romania
- „XI’th Photo Salon”- Collection Museum, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Romania
- „National University Photo Salon”, Petrozsény (Petroșani), Romania
- „Charta Minimumia”- Hungarian Theatre, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Romania
- „Earth Day”, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Romania

One Man Shows:
2014 Fake Documents, Cafe Moskva, Oradea, Romania, opening-performance  by Zoltán Kovács (March 3’rd 2014)
2013. Fake Document & Real Virtuality, FUGA - Budapest Center of Architecture, opened by Gabriella Uhl art historian/curator, Budapest, Hungary (December 3’rd-18’th 2013) 2011. National Museum (Bánffy Palace) Cluj-Napoca, Romania (June 22th 2011)
2009. Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design (DLA work exhibition), Budapest (March 27’th), Hungary
2008. Ökollégium Art Gallery, Budapest (September 11’th), opened by László Szlaukó painter, Hungary
2007. Sóház Gallery, Szigetvár, (July 27’th), opened by Zsolt Gyenes media artist, Hungary
2005. Kaposfüred Gallery, Kaposvár, opened by Anett Vincze psychologist, Hungary
2004. SMK Kapos ART Gallery, Kaposvár, opened by Ágnes Dolezsán photographer, Hungary
2003. Miró Photo Gallery and Fészek Art Club, Budapest, opened by Imre Drégely photographer, Hungary

Art Camps:
1999-2013. International art Camp Barcs, Barcs, Hungary
2000. Lăzarea Art Camp, Szárhegy (Lăzarea), Romania
1999. „Minimum Party”, Kászonjakabfalva (Iacobeni), Romania
1998., 1999, 2004. Ghindari Art Camp, Makfalva (Ghindari), Romania
1997. Tescani Photo Camp, Tescani, Moldova

Prises, bursaries/scholarships:
2000. „Middle East European International Postcard Mail Art 2000”, Kaposvár, Hungary
1995. „Earth Day”  I’st Prize, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Romania
2000. CEEPUS, Budapest, Hungary
2001-2002. Apáczai Hallgatói Ösztöndíj (“Apáczai” Student Scholarship)
2002-2005. A/3 Doctoral (DLA) Scholarship 2002-2005, Budapest, Hungary
2003, 2007, 2013. NKA (National Cultural Found, Budapest)
2004-2005. Communitas Alapítvány (Communitas Foundation, Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
2009. Tudományos Életért Közalapítvány (Fundation for Scientific Life, Kaposvár)

- Magyar Fotóművészek Szövetsége (Association of Hungarian Photographers)
- Magyar Művészeti Akadémia AURA (Hungarian Art Academy AURA Group)
- Kapos Art Egyesület (Kapos Art Fine- and Applied Arts Association)
- SoBaBu Vizuális Egyesület (SoBaBu Visual Association)

Curatorial work:
- Kapos Art in Cluj, National Museum (Bánffy Palace) Cluj-Napoca, Romania (June 22th 2011)
- Rippl-Rónai and the Woman, Corso Shopping Center VIP Hall, Kaposvár, Hungary (May 27th 2011)

In Media:

- Channel Magazine, Emerging Talent in Contemporary Photography, Spring 2014, Issue 05, 14-19. p.
- Kapos TV, July 3’rd 2008
- Kapos Extra, June 25’th 2004/ 2’nd page (weekly newspaper Kaposvár, Hungary)
- Fotóművészet, XLVI. year 2003. Nr. 5-6., 81-89. p. (Photo Art Magazine Hungary, written by Ferenc Markovics)
- Új Művészet, XIV. year Nr. 12, December 2003, 19, 21. p. (Art Magazine, Hungary)
- Szabadság, July 6’th 2002/ 11. p. (Daily Newspaper, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca) Romania, writen by Júlia Németh)
- Szabadság, December 8’th 2001 (Daily Newspaper, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca) Romania, writen by Júlia Németh)

Publications/ Lectures:
- Zsolt Gyenes: Fotóművészeti stílusok. Kreatív gyakorlatokkal. Enciklopédia K. 2013. 82. p.
- „Túl az anyagon” nyitott művészeti kurzusok II, „Archaikus és digitális fotográfia” (Beyond the Material, open art courses II, Archaic and Digital Photography, lecture) University of Kaposvár Art Faculty K.B. Gallery, May 28’th 2010, Kaposvár, Hungary
- „Régi/Új lehetőségek a vizuális oktatásban” (Old and New possibilities of visual teaching) Artcadia, the artistic and scientific publications of the Kaposvár University Art Faculty, 2010 February II’nd year Nr. 1., 64-67. p.
- „Az archaikus fotóeljárások szerepe és lehetőségei a digitális korszakban” (The role and possibilities of the Archaical Photography techniques in the Digital Era) DLA defence, March 27’th 2009 (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, Hungary)
- „Vizuális lingvisztika. Gondolatok a művészetek vizuális nyelvezetének rokonságairól és ellentéteiről.” (Visual linguistics. Thoughts about the kinships and antagonisms, of visual art) Artcadia, the artistic and scientific publications of the Kaposvár University Art Faculty, 2008 November, I’st year Nr. 1, 105-110. p.
- „Kísérleti fotó és a digitális világ” (Experimental photography and the digital age) lecture, Vigadó Galery, Szigetvár, Hungary (September 9’th 2006)
- „Egy szó erejéig az absztrakt festészetről” (A word about abstract painting), Kapos Extra, XVI ‘th year, May 5’th 2006, 18’th week, 4. p. (Weekly Newspaper)
- „Képzőművészek ’56-ról” (Artists about 1956), Kapos Extra, XVI’th year, October 27’th 2006, 43’rd week, 5. p.

Works in Collections:
- Hungarian Museum of Photography

16'th April 2014.