// Saving WWI //

In many tribal cultures, even these days lives the belief that a photograph can make the soul of the depicted immortal or steel it. This way the picture carries with him the imprint and a piece from the life of the model. 
   I build up my work on this thesis, and deal with portraits of WWI soldiers. I use the photographs to make targets from them, to shoot at them but not in the traditional manner. Instead of shooting on the body, I strictly aim near it. 
   Each of the images are made manually with a special digital image transfer technique. This results in unique artworks, unique as the persons illustrated. With the ritual of the shooting/piercing of the paper I intend to symbolically save these men who fought voluntary or involuntary in the first great war. 
   The final photo objects function as guardians of memory and life, they bear the original photograph, the hand of the creator and the evidence of the shots fired. 

acrylic image transfer on FABRIANO 640 g. paper, bullet shells, plexi glas, 66x99 cm.