// Paper Blocks Shoot //

Regarding the science of ballistics, a bullet fired from a gun tells us a whole story from leaving the weapons chamber until its impact and the material it stops in.
 The research and the photographic documentation of it, in this case operates with two notions regarding the character of materials. Positive and negative, hard and soft are notions, which can be easily understandable. At least we think they are. In this case the roles are changing, the paper – a soft material by nature – becomes harder by gluing sheets of it together. The copper and metal beside this can be very fragile and proves softer/weaker than paper on impact with high velocity.
 These works are tangible and transparent proofs of the statements from above, photo-objects, object photographs, living testimonies inviting to meditate on power, velocity, deadly and peaceful materials, their content of truth and their relation with each other.