// Clay Pigeons //

The use of firearms – fortunately – is not limited just on violent acts. There are numerous shooting sports related to them with great and noble results. One of them is Skeet and Trap shooting, which are different from each other in the arrangement of the stage and the tasks for shooting.
   The objects used to shoot on are also called clay pigeons (from the beginnings of this sport when live pigeons were used), composite disks (clay and plastic) of 11 cm. in diameter and between 25-28 mm. in thickness.
   The project uses these characteristic objects to achieve a work of art with multiple meanings. The disks are painted to different vivid colours, and pictures of protected birds from Hungary are transferred onto them.
   The status of protected birds/animals has a stated material value. My objects preserve these principles within the installation method.

15x15 cm.
acrylic paint and image transfer on ceramic, plexiglass, metal screws
serie of thirty pieces